Ankle ligament tear / injuries - Arthroscopic ankle ligament surgery
Ankle ligament tears are very common. They result from a severe sprained ankle. Clues that the ligaments may be torn will be presence of severe bruising and inability to put weight on the foot.
Majority of ankle ligament tears can be treated without surgery. However, in active individuals or those with persistent looseness or pain of the ankle after injury, surgery will be needed.
Traditional surgery is know as the Brostrom Gould Procedure. In this procedure, the torn or loose ligaments are tightened and a neighbouring layer of strong connective tissue is pulled over to re-enforce the repair. This is done through an open incision (cut) in the side of the ankle.
Currently, this procedure can be performed via arthroscopic (keyhole ) surgery. Two keyholes are made over the ankle and a camera and sutures may be inserted through them to perform the ligament surgery. The patient does not need to use a cast after surgery. One is allowed to fully walk on the operated ankle after 3 to 5 days.
Above left, one can see the remnant bit of torn ligament that is attached to the fibula. Below right is the final outcome where the ligament has been re-attached and the gap is eliminated.

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