Bunion Surgery (Hallux valgus)
Bunions are very common. They cause pain over the big toe. Many severe ones also affect the second and third toes leading to pain in the front of the foot.
Although footwear changes solves the problem for many people. Some still require surgical correction.
There are hundreds of operations described for the correction of bunions. Many date back to the 1950's and 1960's. Do check with your surgeon when the surgery was dated. These often require long periods of casting of the foot or usage of crutches and often with pins sticking out of the foot for weeks.
The modern approach to bunion surgery is "WALK IMMEDIATELY" and "NO CRUTCHES". This is made possible by a new procedure called the Scarf osteotomy. With this, even severe bunions can be corrected without sacrificing the important joint of the big toe.
The pictures show a patient with severe bunion deformities that has also involved the 2nd and 3rd toes. The picture below shows correction after a Scarf osteotomy and also 2nd and 3rd toe correction. The final result is pleasant and long lasting with high satisfaction rate.
Morever, not a single joint was sacrificed and fused or removed. Every single joint was preserved. This patient could also walk immediately on the following day after surgery.

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